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Deep Tissue Massage


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Swedish Massage

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Somakinese and Intelligent Movement Practitioner
Somakinese and Intelligent Movement Practitioner

Somakinese and Intelligent Movement Practitioner

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Serene Valley Massage

I have 5 years of experience specializing in craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, and rehabilitation massage. My techniques will help stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage to help relax nerves and reduce pain. I put your needs first so you can feel better.

Therapist Who Cares

Massage is good for your body, but it is also time to just relax and unwind. Come take a break with me.

Experienced Knowledge

Having trained in a variety of modalities, I can help you pick a style that fits what your body needs.

"MLD Certificate"

MLD Certificate
MLD Certificate

MLD after one month

The before and after MLD photos were taken one month apart: May 6 and June 3, 2021

Somatic Rehabilitation Guide

"Her excellence as a movement educator in the Somatic Way is demonstrated through embodied movement science and the art of skillful and compassionate guidance in the practice of movement as medicine to encourage emergent healing an repair in the lives of clients and students and for all our relation."

- Kaila June
SomaKinese School
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My massage was amazing! First I noticed my anxiety break from my chest. Then Miss Phyllis found the deep pain in my head. It was amazing to feel relief. Many thanks to this caring & intuitive healer.

Rachel Gower

Phyllis is the best!! She can find all of the places in my body which are hurting! She has knowledge of the body and knows where to alive pain! I highly recommend Phyllis & Serene Valley Massage!!

Deborah Johnson

You are amazing ms Phyllis!!! I knew you’d be able to help out. God has blessed you with amazing gift!! I could tell yesterday that everything was softening and rounding out better already!!“

Dr. Mercedes

More Testimonials

Absolutely mind-blowing. I recently received a craniosacral therapy treatment, and I cannot WAIT to go back. I have almost daily headaches, and often when I close my eyes, it feels like my head is spinning. No lie, 15 minutes into the treatment, the dizziness was gone. And it's *barely* come back. At one point, as best as I can describe it, it felt like under her fingertips and in my skull, there will little suction cups "pulling" the tension out. Everyone. EVERYONE. Go see Phyllis.
Amazing results · Luxurious experience · Professional masseuses

Caitlin Mehring

I was there yesterday and had the best massage of my life she was so patient with me and kind I was one of her difficult patients but she was patient with me I recommend Serene Valley Massage highly will go back

Vanessa Jones

Phyllis is an amazing and wonderful person who loves what she does and helping people destress and learn to relax...highly recommend the total relaxation massage

Jan Matthews

I had severe neck n shoulder pain. Went to chiropractor n had no relieve. Went to serene valley massage and within hours had a great amount of relief. I had suffered for 3-4 days n after my deep therapeutic massage was gone within few hours. . Thanks to Phyllis. She is blessed with healing hands...I continue to c Phyllis n she keeps all my aches n pains away...

Vette Swatzell Russell

I recieved a chair massage, and was so happy with how Phyllis works those kinks out.She is careful and thorough. I'll be back!

Eva L Edmonds

What a wonderful experience. Phyllis is amazing! She is a master in her craft. I visited her for lower back pain and fatigue. I felt so much better after my session. I highly recommend to call and make an appointment with Phyllis at Serene Valley Massage.

Heleen Slater

amazing relief from a throbbing abcess tooth until I was able to get it removed. I can't say enough good things about Phyllis at Serene Valley.

Deborah Brown

I have been going to Phyllis for my knee and joint pain it has been very helpful ,I am actually walking much better with less pain. It is not just your basic massage to just relax you she finds the root of the problem that maybe causing pain .It is well worth your time and money to check out Serene Valley Massage if you havent already.

Vicki Keeton Watson

Phyllis has helped my children with her specialty, Craniosacral Therapy. My oldest daughter has ADHD and I have seen improvement in her symptoms after weekly sessions with Phyllis. Also, she is currently helping us overcome Torticollis in our 4 day old newborn! Highly recommend her services!

Sarah Merritt

Excellent Massage Therapist, Knows Her Craft, Highly Passionate about her profession. Everyone speaks highly of her skills.

Tony Dean Jones

Healing hands that takes away aches/pains and gets your positive energy flowing!

Susan Johnson

I have been getting massages for pain over 20 years. I noticed a huge decrease in pain after my first visit. After my third visit my relief lasted longer than I have ever had it last in the past. I tried the lymphatic massage and was absolutely amazed at how good I felt. I have not felt that energized in years. I will be a life long customer of Phylis’s.

Karen Parkhill

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